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Sketch & Design - Kathmandu

Sketch & Design Kathmandu is the Nepali community of reference for designers and geeks from Nepal using Sketch App - a powerful Mac application developed by Bohemian Coding as an alternative to the most famous software. We organize independent meetup and want to be the online and offline meeting place for sharing know-how, advice, workflows, projects and favorite plugins made with Sketch. Our Facebook Group - (

Kathmandu Agile & Scrum Meetup

or those that are interested in learning more about Agile & Scrum, and how it can improve your organization's way of work should join this group. We will stream live international webinars and have physical meetups where professionals can share their success stories, challenges, and best practices. We will use this forum to let people know about upcoming conferences, training opportunities, and tools that will help you on your Agile journey.